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Bhakti Sharma the one who broke records & stereotypes

My mother is a swimmer. She started teaching me how to swim when I was just two-and-a-half years old. And that’s how it all began,” says open water swimmer Bhakti Sharma, talking about her love for the sea. She born in Mumbai and brought up in Udaipur. She conquered her first open water swim at the age of14. the race being 16 km swim in 2003, starting from Uran Port (Navi Mumbai) to Gateway of India. And she has never looked back since.

This must sound real big but here's the other side of the coin brought up by Hero Honda Motocrop. Record Breaking Swimmer Bhakti Sharma on Her Battles, Triumphs and the Olympic Dream.
Why do you treat me any unique? Why do I have to get approval for each decision I make? Why does the whole world go bonkers on the off chance that I don't concur with what you say? Because I am a lady? - Says Bhakti Sharma

Bhakti Sharma scrutinised all these and numerous more whys. Likely that is the reason she holds the record for being the most youthful female swim…

The Spirit of Mumbai: The show must go on...

By and by, as the downpours lashed Mumbai city on August 29th, the city ground to a halt. All the typical parts were there. There was water signing in numerous ranges, automobile overloads that broadened numerous kilometers, a total log jam/stoppage of the general population transport framework, individuals stuck in their workplaces, schools and universities, water going into individuals' homes, and power cuts in numerous zones. These are scenes Mumbai has seen commonly before, but then, when it happens by and by, we are not any more arranged for it, physically, rationally or inwardly, than we were the last time. 
Also, even as the downpours lashed the city, even as there was dimness all around, the soul of Mumbai, as it is famously known, climbed indeed, to sparkle brilliant on this day. What is this soul of Mumbai, many individuals inquire? What's more, where does this soul vanish, on different days which are ordinary? Each emergency in this city appears to draw out the best …